Ages 4-10

Package A: Want the kids to have a blast and not have to do all the work? Package A is what you need. Two of our fun loving kid friendly employees will come "babysit" and entertain your children guests with games, dancing, prizes and comedy. For up to 20 children from ages 4-10 can enjoy playing games like, red light, blind man's bluff and dancing to songs like the Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey and the Cha Cha Slide. This package lasts about 2 hours and costs about $200. This does not include mileage. There is a charge for mileage over 20 miles from Marion, VA.


Ages 11-15

Package B: Preteen Package includes DJ, Karaoke and games and prizes. Games are our specialty, we make sure your party guests enjoy interactive games and are rewarded for their participation. This package lasts about 3 hours and costs about $200. We provide all the entertainment, games and prizes. Games like scavenger hunt, trivia, Fluffy Bunny's, Ladderball and more.

Package C: Is package B as well as having a Balloon Artist or Ventriloguist for an additional $175.


Ages 16 and up

Package D: "Adult" parties - Dj, karaoke, Games and Prizes. We also play appropriate games for all 16 and over. Fun with a little more of a twist for the older generations. We also bring prizes, coupons and everything needed to perform the games and trivia. Our personal twist of Scavenger Hunt, Music and movie trivia, Name that tune, Corn Hole and more. This package is $300 for 2 hours, $75 each additional hour.

Package E: is any of the above packages, but we make it even easier for you. We can arrange and purchase all the decorations, set up and clean up your party for you. As well as cater the event  from the simplest finger food to the most extravagent meals. Prices differ depending on the theme, type of food/meal and amount of guests.

You never know where, when, how or who you're gonna have fun with...........
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